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Anybody got a naming suggestion for a macro-assembler-cum-programming-language for 8-bit retro systems? I could so call it "org.asm", but that would just offend the sensibilities of too many people, myself and my wife included :P

I've been working on -- or thinking about -- OZ80MANDIAS for, like, three years now (?). I got a minimal prototype to compile Sonic 1 SMS but the language design was not comprehensive enough. I've been teaching myself compiler architecture and theory and all that and this whole project has been the biggest, longest slog ever.

I've abandoned using VB6 due to too much structural engineering being needed to get it up to speed and I don't want to limit myself to Z80 only in the future even though I won't be adding other CPU types until Z80 is complete first. Therefore the name "OZ80MANDIAS" is no longer useful and I want to change to something else.

After some six+ months of reviewing different programming languages to find the right tool for the job I have mostly settled on Google's Go language as the best balance between capabilities and minimal structural / meta engineering.

For the last week (or two?) I've been honing the language more, solving edge cases and playing with the Sonic 1 SMS disassembly to look for what's needed -- it's 1.5 MB of just text and I've spent what must be a thousand hours on it already :/

I'm now starting to formulate a language-specification but the lack of a good project name is this annoying niggle in my mind.


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