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Hi. Just writing this from an iPad whilst I have both a wifi connection; not common where I am in Slovakia; and a spare moment. I'm working on my 'attack plan' for Camen Design when I get the chance to get cracking. Here's what's basically rolling around my head at the moment so feel free to give any feedback and your demands.

- move to minimum PHP7
- move to a versionless 'stable + development' release style for all projects
- Add image and YouTube embedding to NNF since these are oft-requested and can be done without re-engineering what's already there
- write up a blog-post for PortaDOOM. May need to find a better place to host the packages
- adopt some of NNF's markup in ReMarkable
- use a SQLite database to index and build Camen Design's content, perhaps move the static generation beforehand rather than the mod_rewrite + caching used now, but that would be dependant on moving to a server that provided ssh/rsync


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