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RE[31]: Kroc's Work Log


Six months, blimey! Life has Beene very busy with my son's needs and just recently moving house, so I haven't had much the mental strength to be updating this log too.

I've still been working on projects; mostly the Elite disassembly which has attracted another contributor! I've just begun taking a break from that after six intense months of staring at code that makes no sense and slowly trying to figure navel it one bit at a time -- it's very intense, mentally.

Something I should have started a long time ago is to start writing my own assembly code instead of always reversing somebody else's. I have to admit that I have always been a tool maker more than a game maker so the natural thing for me to make on the C64, when combined with my need to write, is a disk-mag! As with my website, the magazine will [eventually] be a radical departure from existing magazines, which I have noticed only serve the existing old-hands in a niche community. The Nücomer disk-mag will serve users new and interested in 8-bit technology. Issue #1 will be out in October.

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