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I've been coming and going for about three years now. Even though I haven't used your script, I find it's simplicity very attractive. With that being said, keep it simple.

I feel like a combination of a blog with forums would be a great idea. A wiki? Not so much. Maybe for a blog, you could fetch data from a specific RSS file, or forum, and display it in a different directory?

A few things I would recommend would be creating a simple, yet effective, admin/moderation control panel. With this, track users IP's. Fetch all posts by each IP and give an option to delete posts, delete ALL posts and ban an IP from using the forums. There's a script called tablecatbbs that has a wonderful admin backend for it being an anonymous board. Similar to that of Tinyboard, which is an imageboard.

Lastly, I would include a "report" function, where users can report specific posts with a reasoning. This would display like posts in the admin/moderation control panel.

If the backend was there, I would most definitely switch over to this script.


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