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Let's rewrite NoNonsense

David Hund

(Not sure if off-topic)
Ever since I came across NNF I was impressed with its elegance.
Also: I immediately though something like this (but preferably even simpler and not completely PHP-based) would be great for blog-comments on static sites.

As you are probably aware there is a real momentum going for 'static' websites: simple sites generated through e.g. Jekyll (Ruby), Metalsmith (Node) or any other tech. and deployed through gh-pages, Surge or simply by uploading the files through FTP.

What these static sites are missing, obviously, is 'dynamic' stuff such as comments. So they use disquss etc. — ಠ_ಠ

I love the idea of (generating) a comment-thread as RSS with each comment being an item and have been thinking of something like NNF for this.

The biggest challenge, obviously, would be how to 'generate' POSTed comments from a 'static' site. We might need some dynamic middleware (PHP, Node, whatever). Maybe even e-mail (thinking out loud).

What are your thoughts?


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