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Let's rewrite NoNonsense

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:: Why?

OK, here goes. The last two years have been rough. Raising a baby is tough. Broken sleep is tough. Depression is tough. My website has languished and I need to get back to writing because life has changed so much.

I want to create a new NoNonsense that combines Blog, Forum and possibly Wiki. I will run my website off of this new platform whilst also making it available to all to use themselves.

The goals of the Camen Design website back in 2008 have been completed. I don't need to create an HTML5 masterpiece, I just need a site that's flexible and that I can update anywhere.

I need your input.

:: What Do I Require?

Here's the minimum that I require for my own needs:

* Blog with ability to handle drafts & file uploads
* Compatibility with existing Camen Design content (ReMarkable)

:: What Do You Require?

Please let me know what you would want from a new NoNonsense platform.

These are some things that stand out to me as requiring deep integration from the start:

* Plugin interface
* "Teapot" design methodology - all functionality full scalability from 320 x 240 to 4K
* Full online administration (create/rename/delete folders, threads, posts &c.)
* Flood/ban control and better resilience against abuse

:: @Kroc added on 03 Apr ’15 · 14:05

Also needed from the off:
* E-mail subscriptions
* YouTube / Image markup parsing

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Not to necrobump, but if the rewrite does occur the only suggest that comes to mind is a way to change the default search engine for the board. I know Google is the 'norm' but their privacy stance is reprehensible to some of us. The ability to use an alternative such as DDG or would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again for your hard work!

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The search function is just a template thing, you can roll any search engine. It was already discussed on GitHub for a previous version, and someone has already gone through the trouble of sharing how to switch to DDG:

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@kroc would like it if you could add image upload capabilities. been trying to but to no avail. would also want to know when you will be releasing it.
(pls would love it as soon as possible).
And for the baby, tell him/her ken said hi and that he/she should be good and allow daddy to work.


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