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locking main thread

append delete weednix

I'm trying to lock and make sticky the only thread on "main" entrance / home page.

I manage to show clip "announcement" by creating sticky.txt and the name of the file.rss

Then the locked.txt I try "posts" and "threads" but a test account is able to reply.

How can I fix this without touching the code ?

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append delete #1. Ben

As far as I can tell from the source code, if you have a file called `locked.txt` with the word `posts` in it and nothing else, then a test account (or any not listed in a `members.txt` file) should not be able to reply in that forum.

Is this not the case?

append delete #2. Druid

It worked, no idea how I failed, maybe I was logged in at the time, but I remember to test on another computer...

Anyway is solved. Thank you very much.


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