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Whilst the .NET language is fine, there is no doubt that .NET as a strategy has been the biggest waste of everybody's (Microsoft's / developers' / users') time. It's been 10 years of nothing but hurt for all parties. Honestly they should have just kept iterating on VB6, fixed up its limitations and it would have been the ultimate development environment.


My first days with computers were on a Pentium III machine running Windows 2000 in 2003, which I used to build some silly desktop apps in VB, and the year later I was on a software development course where we were taught how to build database backed application in both VB and ASP+VBScript. All of this stuff is easy to learn and use, and is a lot of fun to spend an afternoon or an evening on, messing around and trying to get stuff to work.

I’ve tried and learned a number of other languages since then, and I am yet to find one that makes developing software as easy and as fun as VB did. Perhaps me being 13 years old at the time was also a factor (ie. everything that the computer does as a result of something I told it to do is a miracle). I’m playing with Go for now, it is very simple in its design and the most reminiscent of VB in the way it lets me do this and that without following some crazy paradigm. I wish it had some GUI system built in, but given that Google is using it only for their servers, that’s not likely to happen.

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Forgot to say, the last two screenshots look great. :)


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