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minor installation problems (::, Apache, $LANG)

append delete folderol

I love NNF for its simplicity! Had some problems getting it to work though:

I first got that T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM error and had to change :: to -> in domtemplate.php as mentioned in another thread already:

Then I noticed that my hosting returns Apache version 'NOYB' (none of your business) so I had to comment out the check in start.php.

Then I got a completely blank page (no source). I went over the code and found out that I had to rename all occurrences of $LANG since it was already defined as being 'C'. I renamed the variable to $LANGSTR in start.php, lib\functions.php, themes\greyscale\lang.example.php and themes\greyscale\theme.php.

That's it! Hope this helps others having similar problems.

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append delete #1. Martijn

What was putting `$LANG` to C? I don’t think I understand that bug.

The first bug has been fixed and I have filed an issue for the Apache version bug:


append delete #2. Jose Pedro Arvela

A wild guess is that the PHP installation was somehow automagically picking up the environment variable off of its Linux host, which had the locale variables (LANG, LC_*, etc) set up to C (which is Linux' way to say it is using ASCII for some reason I don't really get).

:: @Jose Pedro Arvela added on 16 Jan ’14 · 14:41

Probably because it is ANSII C or something like that.

append delete #3. Kroc

@folderol You have a very strange webhost! Thank you for working out the answers, a fix for your "NOYB" version will be created, but the oddity with $LANG is beyond my understanding -- it sounds as if some custom aspect of the web host is interfering with the variable space. That sort of thing is not really the responsibility of NNF to fix, unless it can be shown that the server is doing what it should out-of-the-box.

append delete #4. folderol

Yeah, I also thought that was really weird with the $LANG variable. But instead of renaming the variable in all source files as I initially did, I currently unset the variable at the top of index.php just before bootstrapping the forum. That way all is fine now with less modifications required:

require_once './start.php';


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