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Is there a way to monetize the NNS software by creating premium content on top of free content and features?

Maybe a forum that wants to allow users to pay to be members and be able to create new topics? Typical free accounts can read and respond.

This would be a way to pay mods and server fees without cluttering the clean look with ads.

PayPal/ Coinbase integration?

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append delete #1. Martijn

I’ve thought about something like this. Or well, something like MetaFilter, more specifically. I see no reason why it wouldn’t be possible but it would require quiet a bit of change.

This again comes down to user management in NNF: there is none. All that gets saved are hashed usernames and passwords. No email addresses, no identifiers, no metadata. If you need to validate payments you will need to store more data, even just the binary flag that tells you if someone has paid or not. This needs a complete rethinking of the current user management.

It is the same problem people ran into when they wanted to integrate email addresses with accounts. Or even avatars, to some degree.

Rewriting NNF [1] might solve all that, but that’s still a faraway dream. For now you would be better of implementing a change in user storage yourself.


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Thanks @Martijn

If that's the case the easier solution would be to have a welcome page of some type that holds the payment processor API.

An owner could set up a feature/ payment table that visitors could decide to just read and post or create new content for a one time fee ($.99)

All the owner would need to do is create an additional field collecting user names on the payment application and add that to members.txt under "threads".

A couple sticky points would be:
- if a site has a bunch of sub-forums and needing to copy that members.txt to all those folders.
- manually managing paid members because the welcome page described above is just an intro page to the forum pages and not tied to the NNF software at all.

This intro page to the forum could also have various data pulled and arranged like Latest posts, Popular topics, Featured, etc, as well as the membership table.

append delete #3. Martijn

Ah, hmm, thinking about it that way. I think it should be possible to code up a page that accepts payment as well as someone’s username. And then on pay add their username to `members.txt`. This would actually safe a lot of code, since you will be leaving all administration to existing NNF files.

Manual management however is not one of NNF’s strong points. And that would have to be created from scratch.


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