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My twitter replacement thread

append delete Kroc

Deleted my twitter. Going to use this thread to dump random thoughts. :)

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append delete #26. Ben

Should anyone who wishes to have a web-facing voice be forced to learn how to host and write their own server?


How can the web give and easily-propagated voice to the non-programmer?

Diaspora gives a nice idea of how a system could work in a way you are familiar with. RSS along with trackers and pingbacks shows you how a blog hosted independently can contain information from other authors. Simply imagine this being extended.

Wordpress famously takes 5 minutes to install, and many web-hosts offer it pre-installed for no extra charge. Web hosting is cheap. I don't think it would take too much for any practical hurdles to be overcome. The next step would be uptake, which is always the most significant barrier any "social" initiative has to overcome.

The point is simply that content producers should own their own content. Whether it is images, video, blog posts, or simply random musing, people are giving away all of that information to "social" sites, who then sell it to advertisers. It is creepy, and an alternative that removed the need for this market would be preferable.

append delete #27. Johann

Hey guys, I've been collecting some links :)

Kinda like diaspora, but more "regular webhost" friendly (doesn't run on mine though)

A twitter you can feel good about (if there is a way to feel good about 140 characters, there is none for me)

These two pages don't have a whole lot going on, but I guess it's a start...

And yes, I absolutely DO think everybody and their dog should have their own webspace. People have no problems paying ten times as much as that would cost for their cellphones. So WTF? We are, on the whole, so lazy and cheap, it's a miracle the web isn't WORSE.

append delete #28. Kroc

"This system does not support fullscreen" is a lie.

append delete #29. Kroc

Companies have their heads stuck in the cloud. Insanity is how I describe designing products that require smartphones, tablets _and_ TV boxes all at the same time. Marketing to the 1%.

append delete #30. jamesmiller5

I'm guessing your talking about Google's Q?


append delete #31. Kroc

That, but also that the idea is becoming more common; the assumption is swaying that the "average" household will have several phones, a tablet or two and a few laptops—now they’re adding settop boxes to the mix.

append delete #32. Kroc

Do you hate gormless teenagers staring at their flashy smartphones and ignoring you? You are just going to _love_ gormless teenagers staring into space with their smart glasses and ignoring you!

There will be a sweet moment though, when all the current hipsters who thought they were something special just because they can buy something, see all the younger people with their glasses, and at that moment, they will be hit with the realisation that they are _old_ and no longer part of the in-crowd. I will laugh.

append delete #33. Kroc

It was the whole model that was doomed. Basically to set up a service on Minitel, you had to ask permission from France Telecom. You had to go to the old guys who ran the system, and who knew absolutely nothing about innovation.

It meant that nothing new could ever happen. Basically, Minitel innovated from 1978 to 1982, and then it stopped.

This is what the World Wide Web could be in the future. Dearth of innovation for the want of permission.


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