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My twitter replacement thread

append delete Kroc

Deleted my twitter. Going to use this thread to dump random thoughts. :)

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append delete #1. Kroc

Google Code’s failure was trying to make a version of SourceForge that didn’t suck. There is nowhere good to go from there.

append delete #2. Johann

Deleted my twitter.

_Johann likes this._

append delete #3. Kroc

I deleted it for two reasons:

1. Twitter tracking me on every website with a twitter button and what not. I already block facebook for that reason

2. I don’t like how I end up using it as a somewhat desperate self-promotion platform, begging for attention every time I do something new. Especially in the light of planning a commercial project. I detest "social marketing" and would never want to fall into that trap. The notion that I couldn’t promote something I’ve made without social media is absurd and I will stick to my principles

append delete #4. Kroc

I don’t get the Wii U. The Wii was pretty stupid when it was announced, sure, but this seems very impractical. Unless this whole screen crammed full of buttons and gizmos weighs less than a wiimote, it’s going to get very painful very quickly holding such a thing, not least that it’s far too wide. And then there’s the question of price… the Wii is profitable and uses simpler technology than the XBox / PS3. The Wii U screen controller looks expensive; how many Wii users are going to buy into this? And you can’t realistically swing the screen around like a Wii mote, so the whole thing does away with what they’ve bought already. Mad, just mad.

Apple is going to eat Nintendo for lunch.

append delete #5. ian

If it's a Twitter replacement, you need to stick to 140 characters ;-)

append delete #6. Kroc

It’s a twitter replacement; I’m replacing twitter's 140 char limit. :)

append delete #7. Kroc

Idea: A story / film shown from the perspective of a man where his fantastical dreams are his reality and when he goes to sleep his nightmares are of being stuck in a dead-end job in a cold and dull world.

append delete #8. Akerhielm

Google Code’s failure was trying to make a version of SourceForge that didn’t suck. There is nowhere good to go from there

Kindof like how svn is "cvs done right"?

append delete #9. Kroc

Kindof like how svn is "cvs done right"?

Precisely. Google aspired to make nothing better than "SVN, but with Google!". GitHub has done an iPhone on Google.

append delete #10. ian

It’s a twitter replacement; I’m replacing twitter's 140 char limit. :)

Haha :-)

append delete #11. Kroc

Posted a new blog article about Twitter / Facebook:

append delete #12. Kroc

Not a jot from my recent blog post. Not a tweet. No hate mail. I'll e-mail Opera directly, but as a test it appears that nobody reads or follows my blog anymore. Everybody has moved on to Twitter / Facebook. I'm fine to blog for myself, but I can see that code articles have become worthless.

append delete #13. ian

I missed this too, and it's a nice idea, I have attempted to spread the word.

append delete #14. Kroc

I’m not asking you to rally up for poor old me. Just an observation that I don’t feel like my website has any impact any more. I’m just about ready to walk away from it. There’s dishes that need doing instead.

append delete #15. ian

Well since at the end of your article it says:

I don’t have a twitter / reddit account, so if somebody could do the honours of starting it off, that would be appreciated, thanks, and if of course anybody would have the ability to get the vendors to actually see this, that would help too!

I assumed that you did.

append delete #16. Ben

I suspect many of your readers do have you on their RSS feeds. I know I do. I suspect the lack of response is more due to the fact that your idea is sensible, but not something we can act on immediately. Also, with CSS pre-processors, I'm not convinced it would make a massive difference to the way I code. Sure, it would be nice, but I don't find the status quo a major burden.

I also wonder how much the current situation encourages developers to look up what the vendor-specific implementations actually are. With a universal vendor prefix aliased, even being able to over-rule it with a later specific prefix, there might be some who just decide that because -x-<whatever> works one way in webkit, it must behave the same in opera.

append delete #17. Johann

I thought I'd leave this here:

Don’t be a Google Bitch, don’t be a Facebook Bitch, and Don’t be a Twitter Bitch. Be your own Bitch.

Harsh but true, no?

And whatever you do, keep blogging! As a general rule, you don't get feedback from people who learned something through it. Well, I can speak only for myself.. I know I learn a thousand things on the web each week, and quietly for the most part :)

But you know, summer break and all that.. don't burn yourself out on the web, either.

append delete #18. pilau
append delete #19. Kroc

I can feel my desk vibrating from the Internet hate machine revving up…

append delete #20. Kroc

Yesterday, I plugged a 2001 iPAQ PDA into a brand-new Windows 7 / Office 2010 PC and it synced flawlessly with the same old data imported into Outlook. No clean up required, it "just worked".

Do you think a brand new iPhone can sync properly with a brand new PC? Of course not!

append delete #21. Kroc

Hello, and good day web development community, let me welcome you to 2008.

append delete #22. Kroc

Apple’s "death to hackers" secret message hidden in the MacBookPro’s screen assembly:

append delete #23. Kroc

A thought that occurred to me:

This forum works on:
* IE6–10
* Firefox, Chrome, Safari
* iOS, Android and systems with Opera Mobile / Mini

and probably a lot more.

Now think of that in terms of Operating Systems and years;
What programmer could make a piece of software that would run on these OSes platforms, with a consistent UI?

* Windows 98, Windows NT4 – Windows 8 (IE6 on the low-end, IE10 on the high end)
* Mac OS 10.4 (and possibly much earlier) — 10.8
* Almost any Linux that can run a minimum of Firefox 3.0
* Every Android handset
* Every iOS handset, regardless of version
* Nintendo Wii, other consoles
* Kindle e-ink devices and other e-readers
* Countless mobile handsets I’ve never seen or used

And all this achieved by one developer, in a _couple of thousand of lines of code_.

Quite simply, the ’Web is _the_ platform of the future, one way or another.

append delete #24. ian

Twitter is down so I came in here to tell you all that :-)

append delete #25. Jacob

:: Some questions

Without a web-hosted social network, how am I supposed to have your content shared with me in a trivial way? How am I supposed to say, "Hey all #webdevelopers facebook sucks!" Such that anyone who cares about content for #webdevlopers can see what I said?

Or do you not GAF about easy sharing/networking?

Should anyone who wishes to have a web-facing voice be forced to learn how to host and write their own server? How can the web give and easily-propagated voice to the non-programmer?

If you answered these questions elsewhere, please feel free to link to those. And, please do not assume that these questions bely my disagreement or lack of imagination for solutions that fulfill the role of facebook/twitter without having their problems. I pose these questions to anyone reading because I want to hear your thoughts. (Well I want to *read* your thoughts, but you get the idea. :P)

Jacob added on

s/and easily/an easily/

Another way to phrase the thrust of my questions would be, "How can we minimize the amount of effort necessary to enable humans to do what they naturally do when they socialize and share ideas?".


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