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Need a new webhost for Camen Design

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My hosts were experiencing a problem with their control panel and then they e-mailed me to say it was resolved, including in the e-mail my username and _password_. This shows they neither have my password encrypted in their database, nor do they have a clue about security.

Would anybody have any experience with any hosts that are serious about security? (SSL for email, SSL for control panel, SFTP or SSH for uploads &c.)

:: @Kroc added on 12 Oct ’13 · 07:58

Edit: *Must* be outside the US! Don't want to store anything there if possible!

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append delete #1. Martijn

I’m not very knowledgable about hosting, so all I can do is tell you what I use:

append delete #2. theraje

Yikes. That is insane! o.O

append delete #3. xj9

I nearly always use a VPS. It can be as secure or insecure as you want, but you have to do everything yourself.

:: @xj9 added on 18 Oct ’13 · 15:19

I've had good experiences with DigitalOcean (They are US-based but my server is in Amsterdam)

append delete #4. KonradS

Once I can spare the cash, I'll probably try an account at Gigahost (.dk or They're Danish, seem to have part of their business aimed at the UK and I do like what they've got to offer. Might be they only come across as good webhosts though...

append delete #5. Martijn

I used to be at a Danish hosting, They had good uptime and service, so as long as that is a cultural thing Gigahost is probably fine too. So far I have always had great service from Scandinavians. They too have offices in the UK. I wonder what’s up with all this aiming at the UK market? Is hosting within the UK so expensive?

I would not recommend Cliche. Though they have UK offices and have always kept my website online, they lack many options IMHO. I had to email them to get a subdomain set-up. While they quickly helped me out (again, great service) I needed a control panel. This of course does not apply to Gigahost.

append delete #6. ouroboros


US based, but they are simply the *best* shared host in existence.

FreeBSD, custom in-house control panel and software, SSH, clustering, load balancing, unique billing model, geeky, custom PHP runtimes, php.ini, MariaDB, multiple site types, dynamic, static, pro privacy, pro free speech etc etc. Have a look at their blog to see how far they are willing to go for their members. And when you signup check out the full FAQ, it is amazing. NFSN FTW.

:: @ouroboros added on 16 Jan ’14 · 10:44

Clickable link:


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