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Need your Suggestions

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Hello Everyone,

I Hope i am not Violating any sort of Forum Guidelines, Coming to the Topic i Just Launched my Website "Responsive Checker -" and want you Guys to Overview it.

Kindly Suggest me Changes which you think can Benefit the Visitors these Changes can be related to Design, Development or anything which you can think make Website more User-friendly

Waiting for your Responses!

Best Regards

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append delete #1. Martijn

I would change the text on the website. It gives the impression of emulating phones, which it does not at all do. It only lets me test a website in an iframe, so I can really only test what it looks like when rendered with my modern computer browser.

E.g. I can “Render My Website in” LG’s E400 Optimus L3. Except I can’t. The E400 runs an ancient version of Android, with a completely different version of the Android browser, that supports a completely different set of responsive CSS.

I see no reason why this website would be any better than Chrome’s build-in screensize emulator. And Chrome has the nice options of simulated slower mobile connections on top of it.

append delete #2. atiqsursumon

Ok, I agree for your first part, but I can't understand what do you mean modern computer browser?

append delete #3. Martijn

what do you mean modern computer browser?

The Responsive Checker is using the visitor’s browser to render the mobile displays. So if I use Responsive Checker it will use my browser to render the website I am testing. In my case that means the latest version of Chrome for Mac. That’s what I mean, Chrome for Mac is a modern computer browser.

The real LG E400 Optimus L3 runs Android 2.3.6 (according to LG [1]). That is a 4 year old version of Android, with a browser to match. The current version of Chrome (47) supports way more things than the Android stock browser at version 2.3. Here is a comparison view:,android+2.3

The Responsive Checker is not letting me test how my website will look on the LG E400 Optimus L3. It is just showing me what my website will look like on Chrome with a very small viewport.

I hope that clears up why it is important to distinguish between modern computer browsers (like Chrome) and old mobile browsers (like stock Android 2.3 WebKit).



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