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Hello Kroc

I need help installing your forum.
I do not have access to my apache server and as far as I can tell its is a stock install.

I need to install it to a sub folder of my www folder.
Having done so I get a http 500 error when I go to /Forum/index.php

I tried deleting the.htaccess file.

Any idea?

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In addition to deleting the .htaccess file, you also need to move your users.txt file to a secure location outside of the public space and tell the config file where to look for it. The process is described in the installation documentation.

I hope that's some help.

append delete #2. kroc

It sounds like your server is using Apache 1.4 instead of 2+. Anyway you can check with the hosts? Also, try the development version of NNF.


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