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NNF Compo Theme: A Fluid Box Theme


So, the colour scheme I'm currently on is:

Stable colour for the header: #1856AB
Colours designating user location (directory or thread)
- Directory (forum/subforum): #3B8BF8
- Thread: #AB7307
Areas of user input: #F8B73B

Components such as the breadcrumb colour and the colour of the left buttons is dependent on whether you are browsing the forum/subforums or if you are in a thread, as does the colour of the "New Thread"/"Reply" bar at the bottom (above the user input).

Unfortunately I've only had time to fiddle with the colours today, but still, progress of a sort and you are absolutely right, Kroc -- I hadn't taken the time to think sensibly about what I was meaning with the colours.


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