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NNF Compo Theme: A Fluid Box Theme


This design is currently under the working title of "metro", but isn't intended to be a direct mimic of the metro UI. My goals in the design are to have a very simple, clean interface that adapts well to different screen sizes. The design is fluid and responsive.

I'm a developer, not a designer, so I'm not entirely sure how to categorise the theme. Maybe minimalist? Maybe it's best summarised as an "IKEA feel" :-).

I've had a bit of a crack at starting it tonight, so here's a screenshot of where I'm at so far. Any feedback at this stage is perfectly welcome. The first image is the pure screenshot, the second is the same image with some annotations.

Ben added on

So, finally got this theme to a state where every page is done. This is my first foray into design-style project work, so be kind :-)


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