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Now With: Moderators and Thread Deletion

append delete Kroc

I’ve added the ability for whole threads to be deleted (post deletion will come another day) and by-proxy, support for moderators.

Please welcome JJ, SpeedoJoe and Martijn as our first mods :) (as well as myself, naturally)

To delete a thread, click the red X on the right side of the first post in a thread. Moderators, as well as the original poster of the thread, can delete the thread by entering their name/password pair.


The forums are quiet at this moment, but they are new and this is a long term project to build something big. My site gets 20–30’000 unique visits a month, so I know the audience is there.

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append delete #1. Kroc

Don’t delete this thread, BTW :P

append delete #2. JJ

Very nice.

I'll keep my eyes open for spam.

append delete #3. theraje

What, I'm not a mod? :(

By the way, the reply area in FF 3.6.10 is now messed up. The name, pw, and email fields are crammed together, and the message blob is like six characters wide.

append delete #4. Kroc

Your browser cache is doing you in; I did make changes. Try Ctrl-Shift-R to force a reload of the page.

Not that I don’t trust you Clint, but just given your connection and that you are usually busy elsewhere, you wouldn’t be my first choice, that’s all. I have promoted you to mod, since you may come across something first, and I have every faith in you.

Well—we need readers first, I’m really surprised it’s just so quiet. It’s odd given the amount of traffic I get. On one hand I want to build this slowly to avoid the bad characters, and on the other hand I want some flow going with lots of people so I can track priorities with code.

append delete #5. theraje

Thanks. And with my connection, about all I can do online is browse forums, so I spend a lot of time on them. It's not like I spend my time watching YouTube. :P

append delete #6. SpeedoJoe

Thanks for the mod status. I'm sure we'll all be fair.

append delete #7. Martijn

Interesting, how did you handle it now, just a hardcoded list of our nicknames or is there some other system doing this?

Will you be working on a way to protect threads from being removed as well? Possibly through to CHMOD, which means only someone with FTP/root access will be able to delete protected posts.

append delete #8. JJ

The names of the mods are stored in a mods.txt file:…

append delete #9. Martijn

Thanks JJ, I hadn’t gotten to scouring GitHub yet.

append delete #10. Thor K.H.

I must say, it's more and more impressive!

Ah, will my eyes ever tire of this theme!

append delete #11. Wannes

@Kroc: perhaps most people looking at the forums don't think about posting because they think that the discussions are to 'programming'-related, and just love to read your opinion on the web and such on your website.

I'm mostly left behind when the talks start to enter php and some serious coding :)

append delete #12. Kroc

Considering the comments storm my articles make on other websites like reddit / osnews &c. I’m sure there’s plenty who want to join the discussion. It’s also because of so many comments that I don’t have comment threads on my articles (too much bandwidth / moderation / distraction).

The forum is the right place for discussion and after I have added post deletion, I intend to make some form of more prominent link to the forums on my website to help bring in people who want to discuss the articles and join in with the other off-topic stuff.

append delete #13. Kroc

As you’ve probably noticed, you can now delete posts too. Posts are not removed completely, but rather blanked out with a message "This post has been deleted by its owner / a moderator". One such example follows:

#14. Kroc

This post was deleted by its owner

append delete #15. ZapTap

@Kroc: I know I can't see the view stats for the forum and whatnot, but perhaps there are more users like me that check the site daily but simply don't have a tendency to reply? just a thought.

append delete #16. Kroc

Yes, but what I’m looking to bolster is discussion, not lurking :P

append delete #17. ZapTap

That is an excellent point Kroc :P hey while i have you here... would anyone hate me if I ask questions about VB on this forum on occasion? I'm in high school and the only programming language offered in class is VB.Net and I don't have money to get a decent book on C++ yet, so I may be needing some help sometimes and I don't particularly want to bother anyone with my noobness haha

append delete #18. Grimmeh

Kroc, is there a reason there is a delete option (“X”) on every post for me? I’m afraid to click it to see what happens…

append delete #19. Kroc

@Zap You can ask whatever you want, whether or not you get an audience is a different thing :) I'm not forcing people to stick to web-dev topics on these forums, it's a free for all and we'll find what stuff sticks.

@Grimmeh, I just explained that 5 posts above yours :)

append delete #20. Grimmeh

I saw that, actually, but I wasn’t sure who you were addressing. :p

How does it work? If I hit that, on say, you post, does it affect everyone? Or just me? Can it be reversed? I feel lost on the issue despite keeping up with it (sort of).

append delete #21. Kroc

If you click it, it takes you to another page where you can enter your name/password pair to delete the post. You can only delete your own posts. Moderators can delete any posts.

Posts are not removed completely, but rather blanked out like this one…

append delete #22. Grimmeh

Ah, I understand (it’s simple enough). The fact that it’s present to everyone threw me off, despite seeming obvious enough. It’s hard to get the concept of no-logins through to my head still!


(Leave this as-is, it’s a trap!)

There is no need to “register”, just enter the same name + password of your choice every time.

Pro tip: Use markup to add links, quotes and more.

Your friendly neighbourhood moderators: Kroc, Impressed, Martijn