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append delete SpeedoJoe

I just found an old screenshot of my Amiga 1200's Workbench, circa 2001 online.


It may be a long shot for a thread, but lets post old or otherwise interesting screenshots of operating systems we previously used to use personally.

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append delete #1. Captain Canuck

Current Desktop.…

append delete #2. 9876098

Windows 2000 (with bloat removed thanks to nLite)…

Also, I have a problem using these forums with the Lynx browser. When I type in an unused username and password to try to submit a post, it says that the username is already in use, even though I am completely sure that that username is not in use. What's up with that? Sorry if this was the wrong place to bring this up; I just thought that I would mention it.

append delete #3. SpeedoJoe

I'm always pleased to hear about people using pre XP versions of Windows.

append delete #4. Kroc

Rock on, Win2000 is the bomb. As good as XP, but you could run it in 32MB of RAM. Ever since XP Microsoft have forgotten business needs entirely and have been piling in the bloat and bling to try and capture consumers in a lame attempt to copy Apple's success.

@9876098 I haven't tested in Lynx yet, I will do that. The forums won't ever depend upon JavaScript so there's no reason why it shouldn't work in Lynx.

append delete #5. theraje

Pre-XP Windows? I remember when this new "mouse" thingy came along, and how some new program called "Windows" was going to come along and change computing forever... whether computer users liked it or not. :P

append delete #6. 9876098

I'm attempting to post this in Lynx to see if it was a fluke or not. Kroc, I agree with what you said about copying Apple's success; look at the Windows 7 log in screen, for example -.- But are you sure that you'd need only 32MB of memory to run it? With that little memory, I think that you'd be able to run it, but it would be pretty slow. I think Win2k and 98 were also pretty bloated (albeit not as much as XP and above). @theraje: Oh, they changed computing forever alright... If you don't believe that, just ask the 90% market share on desktop OS's :P I like Windows 2000 because it seems like a good balance between the new and the old: I can run the old games I want to play, and I can still use it for modern tasks also.

append delete #7. SpeedoJoe

He was referring to Windows 2000 running in 32MB.

XPe is quite fun to build images with, if you hate bloat.

append delete #8. theraje

I don't know if I would want to run Win2K on 32MB. I mean, yeah, it might work, but yikes. I remember 2K taking like 10 minutes to boot up on my parents' old HP with 128MB...

append delete #9. Seadream

WOW I'm 71 and not as smart as your dumbest poster that being said I hold you guys in great esteem.

When WWG came out I thought Santa came, then the more OS that came out the madder I got
at the folks that I'm made from. O_Well such is life.

Most seniors I know and show are amazed at the open source community, they never new there were still young'ens out there willing
to do good for others and at little cost.

I hope you guys have a great life.

append delete #10. Kroc

@Seadream Wow, thanks for commenting! I don't consider a good memory to be intelligence. The young's ability to whizz on a computer is not so much intelligence as it is just familiarity. Your great experience is your intelligence and there's no shortcut to experience. One day I will be old too, and the kids will be playing their Playstation 36 and coding in HTML16 and I won't understand a bit of it.

I was just a kid in the '80s but I love that era of technology (you can see that with this forum :P), computing since the mid '90s has been terribly, terribly boring. All the diversity has gone, Britain has faded from a computing power, and it's been boring, broken Windows desktops for 15 years. To me, a brand new Windows PC is absolutely no different from when I was running Windows 98. I can still open Word, and Word is still Word. So much has changed, yet so little.


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