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Pics from my Minecraft game

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I've been playing a lot of Minecraft to keep my mind occupied and I've built a Zelda-esque adventure game. See some preview pics here:… (I don't do nearly enough game design as I should)

If you've not heard of or played custom adventure maps in Minecraft, I would highly recommend you go check out Escapecraft 2… & 3… and The VictoriaVille Insane Asylum… These are big influences for my game.


* Tight-knit level design: Everything is designed to mesh together, creating a smooth game flow with logical progression

* Unique, innovative checkpoint system: When you die you get your gear back, depending on which level you were on. The redstone wiring for this was hard work

* Epic ending: No, really. Even with the limitations of Minecraft, the ending should blow you away. It's taken three days of solid work just to craft the ending sequence. I can't reveal it yet, but you may see it later if I open to playtesting or helpers

I have the central hub of the game designed, as well as the ending and the checkpoint system. At the moment I am working on puzzle / trap designs to fill out the levels.

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Really like the bridges going into and coming out of a central tower. Never thought of a design like that, would make for a great mining structure. Could you post a screenshot of the inside of that central tower? Are you using ladders/stairs or water elevators?

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The inside of the tower is just a series of small, bare vertical rooms which serve a practical purpose in the game which I cannot as yet reveal. The rooms inside do not connect to each other, so you only pass through the tower on the same level. They need some small amount of decoration on the inside, but I’m still working on that. There's a screenshot of one of the rooms here:…

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That’s too bad, I was really hoping for some ingenious central staircase. This does not stop me from building one that does function like a staircase of course, was just hoping for a nice example.

It’s looking good, looking forward to giving it a spin. I have not yet played any adventure style Minecraft but from what is written about it it seems like just the thing needed to add an extra dimension to Minecraft. Just rediscovering your own hallways doesn’t really cut it after a while ;-)

Is there any ETA on this or will it just be released whenever you feel like it?

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There is an ingenious "staircase" in there, it just doesn't get revealed until the end. ;)

The thing is that this might take months to complete, and I've only been able to make this much progress because I’ve been both ill and off work. I now need to fill in all the remaining puzzle rooms to join everything up (at the moment I just have the beginning and end).

I’m reluctant to let people play it in this state because it will ruin the ending for them and a lot of work went into crafting it. I’m going for a strong sense of passive story and aesthetic appeal. I’d be willing to let people play if they can help contribute to the game with design and puzzles.

This game has been taking preference over everything else I should be doing (like filing tax) because I’m over burdened with stuff and need to take my mind away from it.

If you've not played any Minecraft adventures yet, then I recommend you check out some of the adventures I’ve linked to. It gives Minecraft a whole new feel, and the clever puzzles people have managed to hack into the game are impressive given Minecraft was never designed around this concept.


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