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Problems with IE9 / Video controls

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I've been playing with your code in order to put some video on our school website however I am having a few problems.

1. I do not seem to be able to have the 'inthewoods.jpg' image to be at the start of the film

2. I do not know how to stop the film playing automatically, is that something I need to do in Flash itself?

3. The control panel disappears when I put the film online, in Chrome it works perfectly but I can't see it in IE9 which is what our school uses.

4. Related to issue 2, the film is on a loop, I only want it to play once.

Many thanks for any assistance.

Jay Dog

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On line 37, you've told the player to autoplay and left out the poster image.

`<video width="640" height="360" controls autoplay>`

change it to:
`<video width="640" height="360" controls="controls" poster="inthewoods.jpg">`

Similarly in your flash fallback on line 46. Do you see where your code tells it says to autostart?

`<param name="flashvars" value="autostart=true&amp;controlbar=over&amp;image=inthewoods.jpg&amp;file=1.mp4" />`

I didn't have the looping problem, so maybe you've sorted that already.

Also, your movie is extremely slow loading. Although you've set the width and height in your html code, the movie being served is enormous. You should shrink it to a more web-friendly size.

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I don't have IE, but try using controls="controls" as shown above. I forget exactly, but I think that format is important in some circumstances. :)


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