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append delete whoo12

is there a system to like prevent the same message being posted again and again. like copy and pasted.

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append delete #1. whoo12

i just tested to copy the same message i posted above and it did not post :) so i think there is.

append delete #2. Martijn

There is for replies [1], but not for threads. So you could copy paste your question and start a hundred threads asking it, but you can’t reply a hundred times to say “thank you”.

If you do want to create a huge thread you could append the same message to your post over and over again. It looks like text that is being appended isn’t checked either. (Might be a bug.)



:: @Martijn added on 28 Dec ’12 · 12:23

Correction: since NNF v23 appends are also checked for duplicates.

append delete #3. Kroc


There is for replies, but not for threads.

Now we could check for the exact same text being posted as a new thread, but there's only one situation where that's going to happen and checking won't help.

* If you're trying to prevent 'duplicate' threads by users asking the same FAQ often then it is extremely unlikely that every such person will type *the exact same bytes* as a previous thread. Sticky threads are there to try alleviate such a problem

* If you're trying to prevent spam then a. spam bots don't post the exact same text over and over and b. if it's a human spammer, any duplicate check is instantly fooled by wiping your hand over the keyboard each time to produce some differing text

Preventing exactly duplicate threads is not a real world problem and does not need "solving".

Flood control in general? Yes. That's a problem that NNF should look at at some point.

append delete #4. ms

Another question. In the forums .css -file while i set a background color for the input fields (message, name, password) it also affects the bg-color for the submit -button below. There is no mentioning of 'submit.png' n .css -file.

out of your head could someone point out how to prevent the background of submit.png in .css?

append delete #5. Kroc

The submit button is an input field too! Your CSS will need to specify the exact names of the input fields you want to change, here's an example:

#query, #lang,
 #nnf_name-field-http, #nnf_name-field, #nnf_pass-field,
 #nnf_text-field {
	background-color: red;

NOTE: Don't modify "theme.css" (it'll make upgrading NNF much more difficult in the future), instead create a "custom.css" file (in the same directory) and place your CSS changes there. That way when you install a newer version of NNF, your CSS changes won't be wiped out.

append delete #6. ms

thnx alot!

How do you set the distance between the text and the image in
"#nnf_add, #nnf_reply, #nnf_rss " -sections, cause the images are set as 'background'. I tried different ways of using 'padding' but couldnt figure it out.

I was going to change the icons and make them slightly bigger, and now icons are on top of the texts and this is really bugging me! :)

append delete #7. Kroc
append delete #8. Eugene

Perhaps you could setup a sandbox?


(Leave this as-is, it’s a trap!)

There is no need to “register”, just enter the same name + password of your choice every time.

Pro tip: Use markup to add links, quotes and more.

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