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On October 21, Kroc made the following tweet here on Camen Design:

"Don’t lower your standards, simplify your methods."

I missed this until I was catching up on the blog, but this is one of the best quotes I've read. Very nice.

It's a reminder that just because what you are doing is complex, intricate, and tedious, it doesn't necessarily mean it is done to a "high standard". If you can get the same result, but with a more concise, and equally elegant method, then you've made your work easier.

When your work becomes easier, you can do the same work you've done before much more quickly, making you more productive in the end.

If more people realized this, I think Adobe "Creative" Suite wouldn't be such a hard-and-fast "gold standard" in so many production industries. Then, the standard would be the artist, and not the software - the way it *should* be.


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