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:: What is NoNonsense Forum?

This is NoNonsense Forum! It is the software used to power this discussion board. It is open source and free to use, modify and share.

It is different from most other forums because it uses RSS instead of a database and is overall much simpler to setup, use and modify.

Find out more:



It is important to keep your NoNonsense Forum installation up to date as bugs are fixed and features are added.

News of releases will be published here so you can follow this thread’s RSS, or the GitHub project’s feed directly for all changes:

If you ‘checked out’ the code, you can use the command `git pull origin master` to automagically update NNF in-place.

If you wish to automatically update using git, remember not to modify NNF’s code directly but use ‘config.php’ and ‘theme.config.php’ to customise—see the section on customising in the Read Me: If you need to alter the HTML it’s best not to modify the existing theme directly but instead duplicate it and modify a copy.



#26. Kroc

My webhosts just updated to Apache 2.4.4, breaking NNF. I've pushed a fix to master and development branches to address this, so download a fresh copy if you're suddenly getting 500's. No version bump, the change will be noted in the next release.

#27. Kroc

It's been two years in the making and I apologise for the wait -- NoNonsenseForum v26 is here, bringing a lot of fixes and some nice new features (online un/locking & un/stickying of threads)

% v26     22.FEB.15
*       Fixed problems with transliteration when on PHP5.4 without all the necessary libs in place
*       Stick and Unstick thread buttons when logged in as the Admin (the Admin is now the first person listed in mods.txt)
        NOTE: the lock and unlock links have been changed into buttons, make sure to update custom translations / CSS!
*       Windows 8 snap-view
*       Apache version is now verified (1&1 are still using v1.3!),
        also the Apache identifier "NOYB" (None Of Your Business) is skipped
*       Updated to DOMTemplate v17, fix for major bug corrupting querystrings and attributes,
        with thanks to Bruno Héridet for narrowing down and Zegnat for suggesting a fix
*       Fix for `@name` corrupting posts when HTAccess off, with thanks to Stephen Taylor
*       Corrupted posts will now be removed entirely when deleted instead of being blanked first
        (this may break some permalinks if deleting a corrupted post before the last page)
*       Delete and Append buttons have new icons to look less like voting buttons!
*       Fixed sitemap.xml using the wrong path when the forum is in a sub-folder
*       Fixed favicon missing when the forum is in a sub-folder
*       Moved some functions into a new "utf-8 safe" library for sanitising input / output
        -       NOTE: Very incomplete. Will improve over multiple releases
        -       Declared UTF-8 in the content-type header to prevent UTF-7 attacks
        -       a `safeTrim` function to trim all kinds of whitespace outside of TAB / SPACE / CRLF
        -       the superglobals (`$_GET` / `$_POST` &c.) are preprocessed with `stripslashes`, `safeTrim` & UTF-8 safety
        -       `safeGet` was removed in favour of `mb_substr` use as superglobal preprocessing covers the rest

Please be warned that very little testing has been done on this as I do not have my browser zoo any more and this will take some time to rebuild, though little has changed in the HTML/CSS that could break things.

Enjoy, and please provide any feedback on issues encountered.

Your friendly neighbourhood moderators: Kroc, Impressed, Martijn