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Sample Thread to test test this forums

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Sample Thread to test test this forum and exploring how it works..

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append delete #1. Kroc

Just a question; a lot of new people are turning up and testing the forum -- where did you come from? I wonder whose been linking to my site

append delete #2. Ben

I also wonder why they don't say hi and introduce themselves :-(

Would be nice to find out who you all are!

append delete #3. Franzi

This is a post

append delete #4. mistergoodwin

The site that linked me here was

They're great at finding some very cool apps/scripts/etc.

append delete #5. mndt
#6. mndt

This post was deleted by its owner

append delete #7. dude


append delete #8. hgf


append delete #9. nidnim

no need to log in?

append delete #10. Martijn

@nidnim: you login when you are posting, through the name and password field. Would you need anything more? (Also: take a look at the sign in link, bottom right corner of the site.)


(Leave this as-is, it’s a trap!)

There is no need to “register”, just enter the same name + password of your choice every time.

Pro tip: Use markup to add links, quotes and more.

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