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append delete tony

Would there be anyway to show the thread views on the index page?

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append delete #1. Kroc

A counter would have to be increased with every load of a page; this wouldn't necessarily be difficult to implement, but it would have *no* rate-control. It would literally increase for every single click. There would have to be some rate-limit, such as by IP, but that's an area where NNF is lacking (no database). It's something I've been noodling; but without outright embracing a database, I'm not sure of a simple, reliable solution.

append delete #2. tony

Reliability is not that important, It is more for show, and allows me to see what topics are most interesting. How could you implement just a counter with no database?

Another idea I was floating around with was a vote up/down button without the implementation of a database. Would it even be possible to store votes in an xml file?

append delete #3. Kroc

The question you need to ask with any such feature is "how do I rate-limit this?". You can't just allow anonymous votes, bots could go mental with it. You'd need to create a file of votes-cast for each user; this in itself wouldn't be that hard. But at that point, I don't think NNF is what you want or need -- it's way too limited for what you want and you should really use something more capable. NNF only suits those who really *don't* want view counts and votes and so forth, NNF was made specifically to _avoid_ those! :)


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