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Thought you might be interested in one of my RSS related projects -

Just as this forum is powered by RSS, so to is RSS Garden. The gist -…

Also, yes I lurk here. Will try to post more often as well.

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When I set out to make this forum, I tried browserside RSS+XSLT but I found too many dead-ends. Transforming RSS does not work in Opera at all, it outright ignores you. No browser vendors are interested in implementing XSLT2 and there has been even less engagement by vendors and developers over XSLT than even RSS (which is being ignored)

Android will never get XSLT. We're talking about an OS that took three years to add a play button to HTML5 video. An OS that still doesn't handle basic Unicode. Android is a complete unfinished mess which will continue to drag its feet for as long as possible.

I admire what you're doing--I truly wish web development wasn't so damn inelegant sometimes--but you're on the losing side. When Mozilla announce that no matter how loudly developers try to convince them otherwise, they will not listen to reason about RSS, we all have even less hope of convincing them to implement XSLT2 and make RSS better.

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Exactly. My being on the losing side is exactly WHY i decided to put up a proof-of-concept... so that maybe in some small way I can raise the awareness of these issues. Some more context here -…

So like you, I am fed up with a lot of these things. I write about this stuff on occasion but this time I thought that building out a prototype that uses what is arguably dismissed technology by BigCos and LilKids would be my way of demonstrating how a stack of open standards can still be relevant and deserve wide support by software vendors and users alike.

I also look at this as not much different than native apps bound to certain hardware and OS.
I cannot run an iOS app on Android or Windows (with ease). Not much different to how I cannot run XSLT in Android's stock browser etc. In this context, I feel that the losing side is just yet another platform decision. In other words, if someone wants to run RSS Garden or use/visit an RSS Garden site, they would use the "special" software/hardware that it works on.
Additionally, since we are talking RSS here... users can opt to take the URL into their Feed Reader of choice and at least consume the content and maybe even reply to content if aggregator software supports certain extensions designed to enable cross-network conversations.

Admittedly, i've been a bit obsessed with how fucked up shit is (in my view) and the various solutions proposed and being worked on and implemented and new/old ideas from nobodies like me. It's an interesting space to follow and contribute to. Dave Winer, The Locker Project, Unhost, Freedombox, Littleshoot etcetera....



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