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RE: Strange question for you guys


I've been reworking these scrollbars for a little while now, and I think they're looking fairly good looking so far, however, the script only works for vertical scrollbars at the moment. It allows free styling of the scrollbar and scroll track by styling the .scrollbar and .scroll-track classes. Every property is stylable except for position, top, bottom, right, and left.

The only way I could get these custom scrollbars to be flexible enough to release as a standalone script was to add an "inner" wrapper div. It adds and inner wrapper div to the element you want to scroll, thus wrapping all of its contents, otherwise it leaves the DOM completely untouched. I hope to eventually make a version that allows the user to choose either a wrapper div to hide the scrollbar, or an absolute positioned div that obfuscates it.

In any case, here it is:…

And here is the source:…

An explanation of how it works is given in the .js file.

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