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Strange thread-order bug...

append delete theraje

Coming to the forums, I sometimes notice that a thread will be out of order in the topic list here. Usually, it will be a post above another - the post will have an older reply, but for some reason, be above a thread with a more recent reply.

Right now, the thread "Dropping the DOCTYPE altogether" has the most recent reply (11-NOV '10 21:21), but is dead last in the topic listing. The next-most-recent topic with a reply is "Spacite -- My Current Project"... most recent reply is 11-NOV '10 15:25.

Of course, if I refresh, the topics (usually) show up in the correct order. What an odd bug...

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append delete #1. theraje

And of course, after going to the index after posting this topic, the thread "Dropping the DOCTYPE altogether" appears at the top of the list (just below my new topic), where it should be. It seems to be a bit random.

append delete #2. JJ

I notice this as well. I always thought it was really strange.

append delete #3. Kroc

Refreshing seems to fix it. I’m not sure what’s causing it, but it’s probably related to the PHP file_stat innards reading the modified date times from the file. I’ll try to look into it, but my time is limited.

append delete #4. JBark

It is probably that the last modified time is being read from a cache, rather than the actual file. Probably clearing the cache after modifying the file would solve the problem.…

append delete #5. Kroc

Okay, I’ve just pushed an update to add `clearstatcache`, thanks JBark. Let us know if it’s still happening.

append delete #6. theraje

"Let us know if it’s still happening. "

It's worse now! When I stopped in just now, there were several topics in scrambled order. o_O

append delete #7. Kroc

Your browser cache? I've not seen the problem since. Anybody else?

append delete #8. theraje

Browser cache? I lost that (multiple times!) while working on Spacite. LOL

append delete #9. ZapTap

Thay're in order for me on my iPod. But I can't get on my computer to check right now.


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