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Style for "members" Throughout Forum

append delete Hank


I was wondering how I could create a style, similar to nnf_mod to each of the members names throughout the forum?

I would like the members names to be styled differently.

Thank you.

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append delete #1. Martijn

You can probably run something like the avatar code from an older thread:

Instead of adding `IMG` elements next to the name, you want to add a classname to the parent element. I believe this should be possible with DOMTemplate. Again, much like I recommend in that thread, it would be best to create classes based on a hash of the member’s name. Names can contain virtually any symbol (including spaces) that will not work nice with HTML classes.

Sorry I don’t have NNF running anywhere at the moment so I can’t write any code for you specifically, but that old thread should get you started! If you have any follow-up questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

append delete #2. hank1


Would you be willing to help me with some custom features for NNF if I paid you? If so, can you please provide your email. Thanks!

append delete #3. Martijn

Did you forget your password already, @hank1? 😉

You can find all sorts of ways of contacting me, including my email address, on If I have time I am always willing to provide help, and I mostly end up doing it for free.

append delete #4. Chintak

@Martijn good


(Leave this as-is, it’s a trap!)

There is no need to “register”, just enter the same name + password of your choice every time.

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