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[Suggestion] Meta Tags Idea

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So Google seems to grab a snippet from each page, as I have set an About.html consisting of global links, then sub forum descriptions there is pretty much the same snippet of text for each category. I don't know if there is anything planned for the meta tags but I would like to put forward this idea.

Similar to the mods.txt or locked.txt you create a basic text file named meta.txt, inside that file you would place something like:

% Suggested Meta.txt
"foo" "bar";
"bob" "cat";
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="30">;

These then get transformed into

%  Magically Generated Stuff
<meta name="foo" content="bar">
<meta name="bob" content="cat">
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="30">

This would allow people to set the descriptions/authors/keywords or page refresh times as required.

:: @Rogue added on 14 Feb ’15 · 12:27

I'm not sure how well line three would work with the magic side of things, but its an idea from someone with only basic HTML knowledge.

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append delete #1. Ben

This seems like something better handled through templating. You may need to read up on HTML and PHP though...


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