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System integration, the right way (Firefox implemented Kroc's idea, in an addon)

append delete Jose Pedro Arvela

Remember when Kroc talked about IE's jump lists and syntax? (… ) Kroc explained (with a very accurate point of view in my opinion) that the syntax used was bad and harmful.

Kroc also proposed an alternative syntax (which received mixed reactions, based on what he appended to the article).

But a few days ago (it's already "old", but I just had the patience to post it now), Paul Rouget from Mozilla posted a new add-on for Firefox 4, which implements almost that same syntax (with some neat things). And the system might get implemented on later versions of Firefox.

So, what is your opinion?

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append delete #1. Jose Pedro Arvela

Of course, I had to forget the most important part, where can you see it:…

append delete #2. Kroc

Well one thing you've managed to achieve is showing up bugs in the theme :P Now I’m going to have to fix all of this.

append delete #3. Kroc

Problems fixed. You didn’t see nothing, right ¬.¬


Back on topic, this has been a long time coming and is inescapable given the march towards native-like HTML apps. Microsoft’s behaviour here has insured that there will be a good 10 years of Microsoft’s awful syntax promulgating the Web. They could have done the right thing and used <menu>, but no. They do things their own way and force web developers to jump through their stupid hoops. They haven’t changed.

I’m glad Mozilla are showing some sanity and doing this the proper way. Opera will follow suite and Chrome should do so too, but will likely do it in their own particular Google-specific way (ChromeOS).

append delete #4. Wannes

How does this relate to the WebApps-project? Is it something completely different, or the same but different?

To me it looks a bit the same. Only with webapps, the concept has been took more out of the browser, instead of just enhancing the experience (from websites to pinned tabs). It looks more of a integration with the OS itself, being able to function without the browser.

I would compare it mostly with Prism, bringing the web directly to the user, instead of going via the browser.…

ps: A few more concept pictures for the App-Tabs:…

append delete #5. Wannes

Oops, my last link was not complete:…

append delete #6. Gerben

I found a solution to keep the meta mess out of your html. I just put every meta tag inside a document.write(). Put this inside a seperate JS file en include it using CC, so <!--[if gte IE 9]>
<script src="pinned.js"></script>

The nice thing is that beside tasks, you can also add one custom jumplist with your own title. All from the same file.

Proof of concept I created for my work:…

I'm not a big fan of document.write, but I like it a lot better than all meta mess in my head.


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