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append delete JJ

Currently, I use Notepad++ for everything. I love it, but sometimes it seems to be lacking in features. I've heard rumors of the wonders of TextMate, but as far as I know it's never been ported to windows.

What text editors do you guys use? Any suggestions?

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append delete #1. Kroc


Good text editors were so lacking on Windows that I wrote and used my own text editor for coding for years before switching to the Mac. The situation has improved as of late, though I cannot vouch for any of these links as I don’t develop on Windows anymore. an original approach A clone of TextMate… Looks good, but incomplete and progress appears slow.

append delete #2. Johann

very good IMHO:

append delete #3. Jose Pedro Arvela

On Linux, I use the Bluefish editor . I use it because it was made for this. I don't use the toolbars, I don't use much stuff, but I got used to it I don't know how.

On Windows I resort to Notepad++ when I have to code. I will actually check those editors Kroc has shown, because they look promising. I think Notepad++ is too bloated, although it isn't. I don't know, it's a combination of something that stresses me in Notepad++. I do know changing the font to DejaVu Sans or Lucida Console 8pt helps reduce a little the bloat, but still not enough.

append delete #4. JJ

Ah, thanks for the suggestions guys. It would probably take me a while to decide on whether I would want to buy any of the shareware ones. Bluefish looks interesting, I might give that a try.

Jose, just curious, why don't you use Bluefish for windows?

append delete #5. oldtimes

emacs + plain html-mode. However, I'm not really happy with it. Just my opinion, but indentation and code syntax highlighting are bad. I'll probably change the editor (or get some better mode) if there is need for more serious web writing / coding.

Funny how there are tools you use years and still not bother to master just but basic features. Maybe I just should learn to use emacs better or return back to pico/nano. :)

append delete #6. JJ

I don't know how I could do without syntax highlighting and auto indent. I like the most simple kind of auto indent, not the kind visual studio adds, where if you define a function it will automatically indent one more and add the ending curly brace for you. That is way too much for me; almost to the point where I don't even have control over the text.

append delete #7. Jose Pedro Arvela

I never used bluefish for Windows for 2 reasons:

1st: I don't like how GTK apps look on Windows, they're hideous.
2nd: I didn't even knew there was a bluefish for Windows until recently, and I always forget to try it :P

append delete #8. theraje

I get by just fine without syntax highlighting and auto-indent -- I coded for YEARS without such stuff, and am so hard-set in my ways that the "helpful" features just get in my way.

I used to actually *miss* editors like edlin!

append delete #9. TorbjornLunde

If you want the power of TextMate on Windows E-TextEditor claims “The Power of Textmate on Windows”. Link: It can run the same bundles as TextMate, but requires cygwin.

Regarding InType, it may have slow progress, but specifically for HTML-coding it is in my experience one of the best on Windows. It has most of the HTML-specific niceties of TextMate. If you crank out HTML on your day job InType can be very helpful.


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