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RE[10]: This project abandonned?


Allow me to provide some response to people's fears:

NNF is not "dead" in that it does exactly what it advertises it does and works on all current browsers; I would only consider it 'dead' if it no longer ran on up-to-date software. It hasn't been updated in some time, sure, but it continues to work in exactly the way intended and should for a long time -- I generally write code that lasts. There's CSS stuff I wrote 8-9 years ago that still renders perfectly.

A main reason why NNF hasn't been updated, besides the constant needs of my disabled son, is that I no longer want to release anything that is untested; I have done some work developing a solid, test-driven replacement for DOMTemplate which involves equally robust dependencies such as css2xpath (fully CSS3-compliant) and DOMSerialize (involving a new micro-XML format, with spec)


That’s why I often leave test posts around. Maybe I should make a habit of removing them after a few days. All posts I identify as spam (with off-site links and nonsensical buzzwords) I swiftly delete.

This is the process I take. Despite not being active in replying, I do _read_ everything that gets posted on the forums and will mostly delete test posts after a day or two.

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