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Using DOMTemplate->repeat() to create complex node structure

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Hi Kroc,

first of all, please receive here my high appreciations for the way made things simpler.
Looking (again) for view templating using the DOM, I found your great article about the matter. After reading it, I downloaded the DOMTemplate and began to make some experiences [...]

I would like to use the repeat functionality to create complex data structure (may be You know how Repeaters works in the wicket Web Framework) .
For example fill a whole table using following template:


<table id="table">
    <th class="hrow">
      <td class="cell"></td>
    <tr class="brow">
     <td class="cell"></td>


(1) select row template (header/body/footer)


$rows = $template->repeat(".hrow|.brow|.frow")


(2) iterate custom data to create rows




Q: how to create cells in different context ?
Using for example


$cells = $template->repeat(".brow, .cell") 


inside my iteration doesn't produce expected results.

I hope You understand my problem.

Best Regards

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As far as I know you cannot nest repeaters, so you can’t repeat on both the table rows and table cells. There might be a clever way to get this working, but it is neither documented nor (I think) intended.

In addition, your XPath looks wrong. I think neither the bars in `.hrow|.brow|.frow` nor the commas in `.brow, .cell` are part of XPath?

append delete #2. jmk

Hi Martijn,

thanks for your reply.
I just forgot to mention that the way I wrote command for $rows was just to illustrate the block alternance. BTW, inside <thead> it should be <tr> instead of <th>.

I also tried to build the structure with separate row and cell templates and at least put the results together in a table template. > no success!

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Looking for something like this for complex navigation :-(

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