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NoNonesense Forum has been amazing for me. Have been using it now for nearly a year. Just posting with a fix for anyone who might need it. I have the fixed websafe.php file for anyone who has the transliterator bug. Just download and replace your websafe.php file. And then your forum will work perfect. And you can post again.


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Thanks for sharing @SteTaylor! This is probably going to help a lot of people.

For people who want some background information, this is a fix for the problem mentioned here: (GitHub bug:

Also some background on this fix specifically. This is in no way a criticism of Stephen, just trying to make it clear to people what this does and does not do.

This is not so much a fix of the code as it is a way of getting around the bug. Only people who are having problems with the transliterator function on PHP 5.4 should use this file. What it does is simply strip all the PHP 5.4 specific code from NNF’s transliterator, thus side-stepping possible problems.

If you are using PHP 5.4 and are not affected or are using PHP 5.3 (or lower) you do not have to download this file and it is recommended you stick to the official NNF files.

Remember that if you are affected by the bug and use this file to fix it: every time you update NNF you will have to replace the file again. Updates will overwrite the fixed websafe.php and might reintroduce the bug.


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