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What should I do?

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There are these atheist's that are driving me out of my wit's,saying that I'm autistic and spreading this rumor on other board's.I know for a fact that I am not an autist I just shitpost every once in a while.These assholes came up with the idea that I am an autist and no matter what comment or thread I post,they alway's have their head's up my ass telling me to take my med's.These troll's are annoying,what should I do?

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Well, speaking for trolls (considering I am one), you're giving them exactly what they want. Ignoring trolls is tough, I know it for a fact because I'm capable of getting under my targets skin just by them seeing my 'other' username. Not this one.

When a troll tries to troll me, I really don't care. I just ignore it. If they call me autist or something, just laugh it off and think 'whatever'. It's best not to pay any mind to those people. Rumors are what they appear to be, 'rumors'. If there's not solid evidence or factual data that can prove you're autistic - then why care?

It's the internet, man. If you can't bring yourself to ignore the things they say, I suggest taking a 'break' from whatever communities you're a part of. That's what I do on a regular. Anyways, the just about all the advice I can give on this matter.

Good luck to you bud~

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Not really an answer to your question but why is it such an insult to you to be called an autist? I find that incredibly disrespectful to all the wonderful, beautiful, amazing autistic people out there. And as to trolls, they're best left ignored. Yanae has given you some pretty solid advice on here. Hope you can move past people's small-mindedness and pettiness, and thus live a happier life for yourself and not others. :)

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... and I forgot to say that it's really quite nice to see people talk about less technical stuff for once and a bit more personal matters - things that make us happy, sad, angry... that make us human.

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