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What's happening with NNF?

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Hi all!

I've not done anything with NNF in a year, sorry about that :(
My son is six months old now and his well being and happiness is down to the massive sacrifices we've both given. It's turned my world upside down, but I would opt to do it all again if given the choice.

To cope with the stress I try to do something creative and very, very difficult. Since NNF was already fine for my needs, it lacked the challenge to engage me and I started on MaSS1VE instead which has been very rewarding and I should have started it 10 years ago instead of doing Badly Drawn Adventure.

I have some future uses of NNF in the pipeline and will get back to working on it. I need to wrap up v26 and get that out the door and then I can look at some stuff I need for my own purposes:

* Ability to edit posts
* "news" lock type to allow for forums where the thread order doesn't change

A big thank you has to go out to anybody still reading the board and providing help to new users, especially Martijn who has been incredible.

Kind regards,
Kroc Camen.

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Great news, and you have a aproximatly release date for theses new features ?

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