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Where can I learn java easily?

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Alright, so when I am perhaps older, or now if, I'd like to learn java! By the way, I'm only 11 so don't make it too complicated,

I need some links for java learning sites. (Remember easy)
I need to have MABYE a pastbin file to see a list of functions.

Oh and tip: I'm not a geek, just want to make videogames.

P.s I am functioning it on a raspberry pi with raspbian.

Please reply!


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I'm afraid there's no easy answer for this. To learn how to make games using Java you will first have to learn the basics of programming in Java. Is there any reason you're looking for Java in particular?

If you're sure you want to be using Java, then I would recommend starting with the Java tutorials:

Go to the section titled: Trails Covering the Basics.

As an aside, if you are programming on the Pi, I would recommend you take a look at the MagPi, a monthly magazine which has all sorts of tutorials in a variety of languages. Even if you don't follow them up, it may give you some cool ideas.

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There is no "easy" way to learn any programming language. Really, you just have to figure out what works for you. For me that means reading documentation and other's code, you might want an interactive tutorial or step-by-step instructions. The biggest bit of advice I would give is to write a lot of code.

Here are some helpful links:

P.S. If you are learning how to program you are, by definition, a geek/nerd/whatever. But really, you are just you; don't let labels get in your way.


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