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Which OS did you cut your teeth with?

append delete SpeedoJoe

For me, it was AmigaOS, starting with 2.04 and ending with 3.9 starting in the mid 90s.

Gave away my tower'd A1200 8 years ago and only recently rescued the 030 accelerator card for a WHDLoad project.

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append delete #1. Kroc

Commodore 64. I sat down at the age of seven and taught myself programming. The first thing I typed in was "Hello". It responded "Syntax Error". After guessing various words, I ended up on "Print" and it worked! The rest is history.

append delete #2. theraje

Can't remember for certain, but it was either a really, really early version of MS-DOS, or the C64 stock system. I even once had a C64 version of MS-DOS. :P

append delete #3. Kroc

@theraje CP/M? JiffyDOS?

append delete #4. SpeedoJoe

I would have guessed CP/M too.

Towards the late 90s I got a P233 system which I dual booted MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 98 on.

Until then I had an irrational hatred for all things Microsoft, but luckily I unlike some Amiga users grew out of that old fashioned mentality.

append delete #5. theraje

I think it was CP/M. I don't remember anything called JiffyDOS.

Basically to load a game from the 1501 I would have to enter a command (which I've forgotten due to time and too many medications). I think the word "LOAD" may have been involved. :P

append delete #6. JJ

Windows 3.1

I was around 6 or 7 years old. I remember having a lot of fun with MS Paint back then.

A few years later I started using Windows 95 and managed to teach myself (presentational) HTML.

append delete #7. Sventovit

Then I met a Macintosh and worked for Apple.
That was a long long time ago, sigh...

append delete #8. SpeedoJoe

As a previous AmigaOS user I regret not also getting into RiscOS back then. In retrospect, in some ways it seemed better designed.

That said, I'm still proud of my Amiga related past due to the relatively large following the Amiga still seems to have.

append delete #9. 9876098

For the majority of my childhood I used Windows 95, but I learned most of what I know now from using Windows XP. I have a hefty list of OS's that I'd like to try and experiment with, the most significant ones being BeOS and OS/2.

append delete #10. Grimmeh

I’ll say the first OS I ever touched was Windows 95, but I was more concerned about Pokemon than computers back then.

It wasn’t until years of using Windows XP did I venture into anything more than just using the computer. By then, it was Service Pack 2, I believe.


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