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Why isn't JavaScript like BASIC?


I agree with Johann.

I never encountered BASIC. My first free access to a computer was my laptop when I was 18. I've taught myself programming based on what was useful to me. I started with C because I was told (by a university friend) that I should, then moved in to the web languages because it was useful. I now program primarily in PHP and Java and have been doing so for 5 years.

However, learning has been an effort. Java is... logical (exceedingly so), but overdone for simple applications. For example, when I was doing my dissertation for my first degree, I needed to calculate heart rates based on an average of the time difference between 5 ECG QRS waves. The maths is simple, but I had hundreds of traces to work through. I needed a tool to calculate this in.

Nowadays for these sorts of problems, I would do it in JavaScript, but at the time I didn't know JavaScript. So I wrote it in C. This is exactly the sort of task I think your project sounds designed for, and it sounds wonderful.

A desire for programming has to stem from seeing it fix your personal problems. The reason (I think) more people aren't doing it is the barrier to entry. On windows, you even need to install the C compiler in order to do what I did. That's ridiculous. JavaScript processing is on everyone's computer via their browsers. Writing a BASIC library for it sounds a magnificent way of lowering this barrier to entry and creating an environment where solving problems, as well as creating things can be fostered.

I love it. I hope you go further with this project.


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