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WTF is Google Buzz?

append delete theraje

So I get this e-mail from Google, mentioning some lawsuit over "Google Buzz". All GMail users in the US are included in the suit... everything looks legitimate, but the question remains...

What in the hell *IS* Google Buzz? I'd never heard of it until I was browsing the UbuntuForums and saw a topic about the mass-mailing from Google...

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append delete #1. Kroc

It’s a lame attempt from Google to get in on Twitter. It’s in your gmail interface. The lawsuit was because when Google released it, they thought it would totally be awesome to automatically add anybody you had mailed to your publicly viewable list of "friends". This obviously back-fired.

It is basically a dead duck already. For privacy’s sake, make sure you turn it off by going to gmail settings, then Buzz, an clicking the Disable Google Buzz link.

append delete #2. Martijn

And if you are a US Gmail user you might want to exclude yourself from the case.

As far as I understand it, Google is paying a certain sum of money into a fund but as a part of the case you will not receive any of this money yourself. You will however sacrifice your right to sue Google over “anything included in the case”. So you’re not getting anything but they’re buying out your rights anyway.

I’m not saying you should sue Google. But I do have a problem with people being told they’re no longer allowed to sue. What if there is some generic Gmail thing in the case that becomes a problem in the future? You will no longer be allowed to sue Google over it because it was part of this case.

Unless I missed something and you are entitled to some of the money, I’d say you should exclude yourself.

(DISCLAIMER: Non of the above should be taken as legal advice, I only took Swedish law classes for half a year and that doesn’t qualify me to say anything. All of it is my personal opinion and can be wrong.)


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