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“Your Apps Are Watching You”

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It’s no surprise that we’re tracked across the Internet, but do you think it’s too much when you’re in a position where you can’t do anything about it or even know it? I use nifty Safari extensions to control unwanted ad cookies and scripts, but on my iPhone I don’t have this luxury on my browser, lest my apps.

I apologize, I’m a little brief here, I wanted to post this before I had to get going t’day, but what’s everyone’s opinion here?

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Hmm, good thing I own the cheapest, shittiest cell phone imaginable. I can call and text people. That's all I need it for, so I've never bothered getting a better one.

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Apple, Google, Microsoft -- they are all trying to supplant user control and guide everything through their respective shop fronts.

Google may act open, but nothing they do results in there being more user control.

Chrome browser is open source, but the binary you download doesn't come from the same source -- it includes a proprietary H264 decoder. Google also have a Web App Store, that only works in Chrome.

You can't modify Chrome OS because it is designed to be tamper-proof, and to update itself automatically. There is no web app you can install that will give you better privacy controls in the Chrome OS browser.

Android is open source, but you can't install your own OS of choice on your handset.

All of this is very dangerous and needs to be turned on its head. Our data should be held by us, and we should choose what companies can access and what they can do with it.


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