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Anyone here tried it? I'm told it converts youtube videos to h.264 as they're downloaded and adds a <video> element to the DOM which in turn plays the new video. I'm very tempted to start using safari as my main browser just so I don't need flash ever again.

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Not sure if this is same thing:
I tried it maybe 2-3 weeks ago but all videos were streaming so slow (e.g. buffering all the time) that I stopped using it within one day.

Page where you can activate it:…

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oldtimes, I forgot to post this earlier.

What you posted is the html5 beta that youtube has setup. It doesn't work with half the videos, because youtube doesn't want to part with their ads.

I'm happy to say I just uninstalled flash. It's gone for good, and I already feel "cleaner".

After being kind of disappointed that the youtube5 extension wasn't available for Google Chrome (or so I thought), I ended up porting youtube5 to Google Chrome.

Of course, after learning the specifics of writing Chrome extensions and taking the time to write a Google Chrome version of Youtube5, I suddenly see a YT5 extension on Chrome's extension site. Oh well, it was worth it anyway. =)

Feels good to be flash free.

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By the way, I was completely wrong about Youtube5 converting .swf's to .mp4.

Youtube can normally serve mp4's for mobile devices. I'm guessing this is because not that many of them have flash installed (iPhone). Youtube5 takes advantage of this and sets the "app=youtube_mobile" variable in the video url's query string. It ends up returning an h.264 video. That is all to my understanding at least. It's just what I've learned from porting it.


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